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Our History

The first Norwood School students attended classes in a small building located where the present school now stands. In 1893, this building was deemed inadequate and a larger, two-story wooden structure was erected to accommodate eight grades. The original schoolhouse was moved to Budlong Avenue, where it has since served as a private residence.

The old wooden building housed the students of the Norwood area until 1968 when it was torn down to make room for the present day Norwood School, the brick building you see on our front page. Norwood School now houses 280 students in grades k through six. There are seventeen classroom teachers and fifteen supporting staff to serve our students. 

To encourage a renewed sense of school spirit, the student body was named “The Norwood Knights” in 1996.

Norwood Elementary School is committed to the academic and social development of all students. We offer a very nurturing environment and provide an enriched educational experience which fosters the growth of all children. At the same time, we maintain high expectations of our students in terms of respect, responsibility, and working to their academic potential. Norwood School is dedicated to preparing our students for lifelong learning, including the use of new technology. Our school reflects the best educational opportunities for a healthy, productive, and creative life.

Our Mission

The mission of Norwood School is to work together to create a safe and nurturing learning environment where all students are challenged to reach their full potential as lifelong learners.